Kill The Moonlight  (a film by Stephen Hanft)

Kill The Moonlight (a film by Stephen Hanft)

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Kill The Moonlight - a film by Stephen Hanft £15.00


Kill The Moonlight (a film by Stephen Hanft)

"I'm a driver, I'm a winner, things are gonna change, I can feel it."

A twisted mid-90s comedy disguised as a 1970s drive-in film, KILL THE MOONLIGHT is the story of Chance--fish hatchery worker, toxic waste cleaner and aspiring racecar driver, whose goal in life is to fix up his Camaro and follow his dreams of championship glory. Director Steven Hanft captures the West Coast slacker vibe with laconic pacing, bizarre humor and a stock-car-racing hero, who also happened to provide the inspiration behind Beck's 1994 hit, "Loser." Samples from the film appeared in the song, and clips from the film were part of the "Loser" video, also directed by Hanft.

The DVD includes a recent interview with the director and is packaged with the long out-of-print original soundtrack CD including 3 exclusive Beck songs and 3 previously unreleased tracks by the band Loser, featuring Beck and Steve Hanft.

Steve Hanft is a prolific music video director whose credits include Beck, Elliot Smith, Eels, The Cure, Primal Scream and Spoon, among others.

Bonus Soundtrack CD includes:

Beck - "Leave Me on the Moon"
The Pussywillows - "Vindaloo"
The Dynamics - "Tube Glory"
The Raunch Hands - "Green Room"
Pam Aronoff - "TV Jazz"
Go To Blazes - "Hating You"
Loser [feat. Beck] - "Born of Whiskey"
Beck - "Last Night I Traded My Souls Innermost for Some Pickled Fish"
Delta Garage - "Blue Eyes"
Thomas Hendrix - "Kill The Moonlight Sample"
The World Famous Blue Jays - "Cookin' With Jay"
Go To Blazes - "Bad Cup of Coffee"
Beck - "Underwater Music"
Loser [feat. Beck] - "Dad Came Home"
Martha Atwell - "Wildwood Flower"
Thomas Hendrix - "Can't Find My Car"
Pam Aronoff - "Clear"
Loser [feat. Beck] - "Fish Bait [instr.]"
The Dynamics - "Spaghetti Ride"


"A contenda to the ranks of bargain-basement breakout hits like Stranger Than Paradise... wise, moody, and graced with kinetic camera work." -LA WEEKLY